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Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)

Chemical Name: Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Molecular weight: 67.45
Apperance: Chlorine dioxide Colorless or light yellowish liquid, solid form is a white powder.
Product Standard: China Standard HG/2777-1996

Packing, storage and transportation: Powder product: packed in net weight 100g or 250g plastic bags.Liquid product: packed in net weight 250kgs, 1000kgs plastic drums, or according to customer requirement.


Metric names

Liquid indicator label

Solid indicators

Chlorine dioxide:       

2%min, 5%min


Arsenic(as As2O3):



Heavy metals(as Pb):



pH value:






Applications: Chlorine dioxide is proven effective as: Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Tuberculocide, Virucide, Fungicide, Algaecide, Slimicide, Deodorizer. It has a wide range of applications.

Human Water Systems

• Treatment of Potable Water for Human Consumption

• Water Storage Systems Aboard Aircraft, Boats, RV’s and Off‐Shore Oil Rigs

• Municipal Well Waters • Swimming Pools &Spas


• Industrial water treatment

• Cooling and process water microbiological control

• Wastewater disinfection

• Cooling Towers

• Treatment of Ventilation Systems

• Mollusc control

• Odour control

• Iron and manganese removal

• Phenol oxidation

• Cyanide destruction

• Paper & pulp

• Influent Water Disinfection

• Backup on generators failures

• White water slimicide

• Iron Control

• Bleaching of specialty papers

• Oil & gas

• Microbiological control of oil wells and bores

• Sulphide destruction

• Pipeline and tank cleaning

• THM control

• Taste and odour control

Public Places 

• Hospitals

• Microbiological control

• Lower risk of MRSA

• Cleaning

• Legionella prevention and control

• Hotels & leisure centres

• Disinfection of water system

• Biofilm removal in water system


• Horticulture

• greenhouse sanitation

• Soil disinfection

• Disinfection of irrigation water

• Cleaning of irrigation system

• Treatment of Agricultural Storage Facilities

• Treatment of Horticulture Work Area and Benches

• Treatment of Horticulture Pots and Flats

• Treatment of Horticulture Cutting Tools

• Treatment of Horticulture Bulbs

• Treatment of Greenhouse Glass, Walkways and Under Benches

• Treatment of Evaporative Coolers

• Treatment of Retention Basins and Ponds

• Treatment of Decorative Pools, Fountains and Water Displays

• Vegetables & fruit washing/processing

Food Processing

• Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces

• Sanitizing Non‐Food Contact Surfaces

• Sanitizing Food‐Processing Equipment

• Ice Making Plants and Machinery

• Ice Manufacture

• Canning Retort and Pasteurizer Cooling Water

• Stainless Steel Transfer Lines, Hydrocoolers and Pasteurizer

• Washing fruit and vegetables

• Washing fish and seafood

• Washing meat, poultry and processing equipment

• Extend shelf life and freshness of non‐processed fruits and vegetables

• Process water for canned and frozen packaging

• Control of bacteria growth and biofouling

• Control of salmonella and legionella

• Disinfection lines, holding tanks and other equipment

• Disinfect in beverage and water systems and lines

• Reduction of ammonia nitrogen concentration in recycled water

• Cleansing and rinsing of bottles

• Disinfect in beverage and water systems and lines

• CIP (Cleaning In Place)


• Treatment of Poultry Drinking Water

• Disinfection of Animal Confinement Facilities

• Treatment of Animal Transport Vehicles

• Deodorization of Animal Holding Rooms, Sick Rooms and Work Rooms

• Control of Odor and Slime Forming Bacteria in Animal Confinement Facilities

• Disinfection of Poultry Chiller Water / Carcass Spray

• Treatment of Egg Room

• Treatment of Hatching Room

• Treatment of Incubator Room

• Treatment of Tray Washing Room and Loading Platform

• Treatment of Chick Room, Chick Grading Box and Sexing Room

• Hand Dip for Poultry Workers

• Shoe Bath Use


• Live Fish Transport: Transport Water, Disease treatment during holding

• Disease prevention treatment

• Fish larval rearing

• Prawn larval rearing

• Spraying in feeds

• Treatment of diseases

• Fishing boats/Wholesale/Retail

• Dipping de‐scaled and gutted fish

• Spray / Dipping on fish and prawns

• In sorting / grading water for prawns

• Ice manufacture

• Disinfection of display cabinet


Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)